FAQ - General

I cannot remember my username and/or password.

You may use the Forgot your username or password? link on the log-in page to retrieve your username, your password, or both. The information will be sent to the email address currently listed on the account. To obtain your username via email, fill out the first name, last name, date of birth, and your LLM LSAC account number or email address. Click the Get Username button.

To obtain your password via email, enter your username and click Get Password.

If you no longer have access to the email address you used when you created your account, an LSAC Candidate Support representative may update it for you over the telephone after a brief identity verification interview.

Who are the core team members?

We are a team of 10 people based in different countries, having different backgrounds and expertize. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

How do I contact eFinanceMyStarup? What is the office address and contact number?

Please visit our contact us page to see our Riyadh office address, directions and also the phone number to contact.

Is there any product guide or documentation about all the features on eFinanceMystartup platform?

We don’t have online guide or documentation yet, but going to available soon.

What are the different browsers and browser versions supported by eFinanceMyStarup?

This site supports Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Please note that mobile devices are not supported at this time.

In addition, many forms and documents are available on this site in the Adobe Reader format. Please make sure you have Adobe Reader 7 (or later) installed on your computer. If you have an earlier version of Reader, you will need to uninstall it, then download and install a later version. Reader is available free from www.adobe.com.

Pop-Up Windows

  • eFinanceMyStartup.com uses pop-up windows for communicating pertinent information, displaying help topics, and presenting other necessary components. Please disable any third-party pop-up blocking software and check that your browser settings allow pop-ups. To check pop-up settings in Internet Explorer, please go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy.
  • In Firefox, please go to Tools/Options/Content.
  • On a Mac, go to Firefox/Preferences/Content.

How can I submit a product support issue?

Please send any product related question or issues to support@eFinanceMyStartup.com

I have some product ideas for eFinance, how do I send this to you?

Please send your suggestions to : suggestion@eFinanceMyStartup.com

How do I volunteer for eFinanceMyStartup?

Please send us an email to jobs@eFinanceMyStartup.com , one of our team members will get in touch with you within the next 48 hours max!

How do I partner with eFinanceMyStartup?

Please send us an email to partnership@eFinanceMyStartup.com , one of our team members will get in touch with you within the next 48 hours max!

Does eFinanceMyStartup conduct offline pitching events? How do I participate into that?

In order to familiarise our members with the platform, we do take the entire structure offline with orientation/pitching events.

You can participate to these events by filling in the application form shared at the event page.

Is there a place I can download the eFinanceMyStartup logo?

Yes! The high-resolution eFinanceMyStartup Logo and other assets for creators, backers, and members of the press can be downloaded by click HERE.

FAQ for Startups

Why should I sign up on eFinance?

Fundraising Startups :

  • Access Investors: Connect with Angel and Institutional Investors from many countries.
  • Manage Privacy: Control who can view your Startup profile (Allow and Block access)

Non- fundraising Startups :

  • Join a community of Founders, Advisors and Mentors
  • Post job openings for building your A – team, find the right contributors
  • Apply to Incubators, Accelerators and Startup competitions.
  • Gain visibility

How does eFinance work for Startups?

Startups Actively fundraising :

  • Register your startup profile with all the required information.
  • Connect with investors through the platform.
  • Investors express interest and commit money into your Startup.
  • Optionally you can apply for Premium Fundraising - see below.

Premium Fundraising:

  • Apply for Premium Fundraising.
  • eFinanceMyStartup team introduces you to select investors on the platform.
  • Participate in pitching sessions.
  • Investors express interest and commit money.
  • Post online commitments, eFinance team helps co-ordinate due-diligence, paperwork and transfer of money to your Startup.

Startups not actively fundraising :

  • Register your startup profile with all the required information.
  • Join a community of Founders, Advisors and Mentors
  • Post job openings for building your A – team, find the right contributors
  • Apply to Incubators, Accelerators and Startup competitions.
  • Gain visibility

Are there any eligibility criteria for Startups to sign up on eFinanceMyStartup?

There are no eligibility criteria for startups. However we want serious entrepreneurs to be a part of this network – you can be a Startup in Ideation Stage, Proof or concept, Beta or launched, Early revenues or Steady revenues

Does a Startup has to be involved in a particular area of business to be associated with eFinanceMyStartup?

No. You can be any business to connect to investors and other startups on our platform.

Is the platform only for fundraising?

No, we also provide value to non-fundraising Startups and a chance for startups to have visibility and meet contributors.

Which all data I need to have to create a Startup profile?

If you are not fundraising, you just need Basic profile data (Startup Video, Team, Jobs, Product, Media and Timeline tabs). If you are fundraising, you need to fill the Detailed profile data (Investor Deck, Founder video, Traction and Financial tabs).

How can I keep my Startup data confidential or private?

At eFinance, we are very serious about security and privacy of your Startup profile data. As a founder, you have complete control of who has access to which parts of your profile on eFinance.

I am a Stealth mode Startup. How do I raise funds on eFinance without showing my profile to any investor.

Yes, Stealth mode Startups profiles are supported on the Platform. You can get in touch with our Startup team and they will be able to evaluate your needs and help you accordingly.

How can I delete my Startup profile from eFinanceMyStartup?

Right now, we haven’t provided the option to delete the startup profile but you can unpublish your Startup profile through the "Account Settings" menu option and going to "Startup profile" tab of the settings page. Otherwise send us a request at support@eFinanceMyStartup.com and we will unpublish your profile. Note that unpublishing means that your profile is not visible to anyone except you.

I have multiple Startups. How can I create additional profiles on eFinanceMyStartup?

Yes, we do allow creating multiple Startup profile with a single login. Currently, you need to get in touch with support@eFinanceMyStartup.com if you need this feature.

From which countries should the startups be in order to ge accepted in eFinanceMyStartup platform ?

eFinanceMyStartup is a global platform with startups from all over the world.

How much fee does eFinanceMyStartup charge for Startup funding?

eFinanceMyStartup charges 2% fee for the funds raised on the platform. Out of the 2% fee, eFinanceMyStartup has the option to invest 1% back into the Startup as equity.

Note : The platform is free to any Startup to sign up and the fee is charged only after successful deal closure.

FAQ for Startups - Fundraising

How do I apply for fundraise on the platform?

After registration on the platform, make sure your startup profile is completely filled up. Once, you are ready for fundraise, you can ask to list your startup in actively fundraising while editing your startup profile and make sure you opt for the adequate type of fundraising you are looking for. Our startup team will review and approve your request to fundraise and comeback to you shortly.

What are the criteria for accepting my Startup for Actively Fundraising?

We approve startups for active fund raise / investor connects based on the Startup Funding Readiness Index. It uses the following parameters:

  • Is the eFinanceMyStartup profile complete? There is no way for us to access your readiness, if data is incomplete.
  • Assuming the eFinance profile is complete, we do review the following:
  • Team Profile (is the team well rounded? Does the experience reflect alignment to the product? Does the team demonstrate the ability to execute? Who are the advisors? Who are the previous investors (if the startup has already raised an earlier round?)
  • Traction (Does traction indicate metrics which are relevant to the stage of the startup?)
  • Do the financial numbers align to the stage of the startup? Is the “Ask” correct? If the valuation expectation justified?
  • Is the investor deck complete?
  • Startup Video and Founder Video does help provide additional clarity to what is being presented, but is not mandatory for you to be approved.

Based on this, we will approve your profile.

What is a Premium Fundraising and how I can be featured?

Premium Fundraising on eFinanceMyStartup gives you enhanced visibility with an optional package called Commitment to closure (Due Diligence, Term Sheet, Shareholder Agreement) .

The most time consuming part of the fundraise is to find a lead and / or raise the initial 30-40%, post which it is about building the momentum to close the round. At this stage is where a Premium Fundraising comes into picture.

There are two ways the round can be built.

  • The lead can syndicate the round and provide his investment thesis to all the investors.
  • eFinanceMyStartup recommended deals where we takes the call in featuring a company

The team will work with the startup on coming up with the right strategy to help close the round.

Why is my Startup not showing at the top in the fundraising page? What is the criteria for ordering startups?

eFinance uses a number of data points like profile completion, funding commitments and profile view received on the platform among other criteria to rank the startups in the fundraising page.

How do I connect with Investors? Are there any restrictions?

Once, you register on eFinance, you can see the profiles of investors who have chosen to make their profiles visible to the public or startups that reply to some conditions. Then, you can get in touch with these investors by sending private messages via the platform.

Which investors do I connect with on eFinanceMyStartup ?

You can search for Investors based on the sector, location , amount willing to invest or type of investment proposed ,etc. Also, go through their current investment portfolio and investment thesis to find the right set of investors you want to connect with for your fundraise.

How does the fund transfer take place?

After the successful online commitment by the investors, the transfer of money takes place directly from the investors to the Startup bank account. Once, the money gets deposited in the startup bank account, then only the deal is considered to go for any press release.

After the initial round of funding, can a Startup approach eFinanceMyStartup for the next round of funding?


What does eFinanceMyStartup offer to a Startup after the funds are raised?

eFinanceMyStartup platform helps Startup founders and investors to communicate and collaborate after the funding round is closed. Startup can share monthly or quarterly report with the investors with a single click.

FAQ for Startups / Contributors

How to create an announcement to look for a contributor?

You have to register at startup, and after confirming your profile; you can access it, click on “Required Contributors”, the “Add Required Contributor” and then fill in the required information.

What can a contributor offer?

A contributor can offer a product or service.

What is the counterpart that can get a contributor?

A contributor can ask for money (get paid for the service), shares (provide the service and become shareholder), nothing (provide the service for free)

Can a contributor be an organization?

Yes, a contributor can either be an individual or an organization.

How can I contact a contributor?

You can contact the contributor by sending private messages via the platform.

Is there any contract between the startup and Contributor?

Yes, both parties should sign a NDA.

FAQ for Investors

Why should I sign up on eFinanceMyStartup?

eFinance is the most trusted platform for Angel and Institutional Investors. You can discover and connect with curated startups.

  • Connect to curated Startups: As an investor, connect to validated startups’ profiles in a safe and private environment
  • Commitment to Closure : eFinance offers closure on commitments made on the platform, this service represents a complete financial and legal due diligence, including paper work for term sheet and Shareholder Agreement.

Are there any eligibility criteria for Investors to sign up on eFinanceMyStartup?

  • You need to be aware of the risks involved with the investment commitment.

You should look at making 8 - 10 investments in 2 - 3 years with a total commitment.

How can Investors register on eFinanceMyStartup?

  • Investors can join the platform fro Free, fill up the join form on eFinanceMyStartup.com , validate their accounts by clicking on the link of validation they will receive by email.
  • Then they will have to fill in the required information
  • The investor profile has to be validated by the platform’s boad members.
  • A notification and an email are then sent to the investor who can then start using the platform freely.

How can an Investor short list /find a startup?

Investors can search for startups based on the sector, location , amount wishing to get, or type of investment required ,etc.

How much fee does eFinance charge from Investors?

As of now, the platform is free for investors.

Which all information is required for my Investor profile?

  • Personal information - Linkedin profile URL, photo, designation, contact number etc.
  • Investment preferences - Investment budget, preferred sectors for investment, investment thesis.
  • Investment profiles - Financial information required for the paperwork.
  • Startup portfolio - List of Startups showcasing your investments.
  • Domain expertise - Sectors of expertise where you can help Startups.

How do I find the best Startups to invest in?

eFinance is a good place to find quality startups to invest in. We also have specific matchmaking algorithms and you will receive startup introductions and syndicate alerts using our matchmaking algorithm based on your investment preferences among other criteria.

How protected are my investments?

eFinance’s financial and legal teams do all the financial and legal due-diligence for the startups before taking in any money from the investor. A Due Diligence report is issued prior to the signing of the Shareholder Agreement. We also rely on the social proofs and background of the startup and team members. Besides this, all investments on the platform have the legal paperwork to protect your investment.

What is the guarantee or probability of my investment giving me returns and in what time horizon?

Your investment is based solely on your own judgement, knowing the risks involved in this dynamic marketplace. We do not guarantee on the investment return as it is dependent upon the market scenario and startup execution.

In the event the Startup fails, is there a possibility where the founders will be personally liable to the investors?

The founders shall be personally liable to the investors to such extent as may be documented in the terms and conditions of the respective investment agreements.

Will a Startup issue shares directly to the investors?

Yes. The shares may also be issued to nominee(s) of the investors if the same is agreeable with the start-up.

Will the founders and investors be entitled to any voting rights?

The voting rights for investors depends on the shareholder agreement. In most cases, all investors do have the voting right but only the lead investor will get the board seat.

FAQ for Contributors

Why should I sign up on eFinance?

  • eFinance is the most trusted platform for Startups, Investors and Contributors.
  • You can register for FREE by fill in the form.
  • Confirm your registration by clicking on the link and explore the offers available on the platform.

How do I find Startups to contributor in?

You can search by sector, location, stage, type of contribution or skills required , or directly search by name of the startup.

Are there any eligibility criteria for contributors to sign up on eFinance?

Anyone, either a person or a company can become a contributor if they think they have the capabilities to work alongside with a startup.

How can I contact a startup ?

As contributor, you can contact a startup by sending a private message through the platform.

How to create an announcement?

As contributor, you can create an announcement related to your offer by clicking on : “Create Announcement” on your dashboard.Then you will have to enter a title , description of your announcement, as well as choose the type of contribution.

What is the counterpart that I can get as contributor?

A contributor can ask for money (get paid for the service), shares (provide the service and become shareholder), nothing (provide the service for free)

Can a contributor be an investor?

Yes, a contributor can become an investor if he decides to contribute and in the counterpart get shares .

Can a contributor be an organization?

Yes, a contributor can either be an individual or an organization.