Raising funds for your startup can be a long, frustrating, and time-consuming process. Founders are often forced to endlessly chase investors, constantly modify their business plan and continually pitch their business to largely unlikely investment candidates. Investors often require a disproportionate share of equity for the funding they provide, and tend to require a lot of attention once their funds are invested.

Throughout this exhausting process of securing funding and managing investor relations, founders are still trying to focus energy on growing, and running their business.

These two tasks are at odds: how can you run your company if all of your time is spent chasing investors and pitching your business?

eFinanceMyStartup disrupts the traditional funding landscape by providing startups with a new method for securing funding.

  • Pitch your idea once via eFinanceMyStartup’s secure listing process.
  • Reach a large pool of global Verified Investors who are all looking to invest in startups and early-stage businesses.
  • Provide your Investors transparency through eFinanceMyStartup’s standard reporting and disclosure methods.
  • Manage Investor relations through the established channel of the eFinanceMyStartup Investment Community.

eFinanceMyStartup’s integrated and consolidated approach to raising funds allows founders to concentrate on their business, not chasing capital.

eFinanceMyStartup has successfully adapted the process specifically for startups and small businesses. eFinanceMyStartup prepares each startup to go to market.

The process is entirely online and self-paced. Through standardized templates, eFinanceMyStartup facilitates the creation of a top notch Business Plan and financial projections.